Owner Services Department

Do you or your family own a timeshare? Have you received a letter that was addressed as a company called Owner Services Department coming from 1776 I Street, NW, 9th Floor   Washington, District Of Columbia, 20006? Does it claim to offer a program that will completely and permanently eliminate your timeshare maintenance fees? Is that actually possible? Does the letter have an 855 number to call? Do you want to learn more about this solicitation and find out whether or not this is a legitimate service to timeshare owners?

If you have received this timeshare solicitation and would like to know about this company and why you received this letter please call us at 888-983-6254. We can tell you exactly what this solicitation is all about. Timeshare owners throughout the nation have been receiving mail solicitations from Owner Services Department with the same message that claims to provide a program that can eliminate timeshare maintenance fees permanently and completely.

As most timeshare owners are already well aware, timeshare related correspondence finds its way through the mail at an extremely rapid rate. It is difficult to shift through what is junk mail and which solicitations actually refer to a beneficial service for timeshare owners. If you have received a letter from Resort Property Notification or any company that is addressed as coming from 1776 I Street, NW, 9th Floor   Washington, District Of Columbia, 20006 we want to know so that we can research and publish information regarding the solicitation on our website.